romeinse tragedies
" 'huiveringwekkende multimediashow "
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
zondag 19 maart 2017
Barbican, Londen
in het Nederlands met Engelse boventiteling
Roman Tragedies premiered in June 2007, during the Holland Festival. Van Hove stages three plays by Shakespeare - Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra – as one continuous performance about the world of politics. The three Roman tragedies reveal the political game in all its facets. Coriolanus takes place during the rise of the Roman Republic.
The eponymous hero refuses to submit to the changed political constellation. He defies the masses and their new representatives and is banished.

Ultimately he takes up arms against Rome, his own city. Julius Caesar acquires power because, by contrast, he is a virtuoso in manipulating the masses.
A number of politicians fear the advent of a dictatorship and remove him in order to save the democracy, but by then it is already too late to reverse the changed political climate.

In Antony & Cleopatra, global politics and the passionate love between the Roman Antony and the Egyptian Cleopatra become intertwined. Antony’s inner conflict between public responsibility and his heart’s desire leads to a blood-bath.

The audience is situated in the middle of a political arena in which the production is played out non-stop. The spectators can move freely between the hall, the circle and the stage. There is no fixed intermission but there are a number of shorter breaks.

Snacks and drinks are available on the stage throughout the performance. The members of the audience can themselves use multimedia resources to decide which situation they wish to focus on. 
The duration of the play is five and a half hours, with no intermission.

During the performance the audience is invited to walk through the auditorium or onto the stage for another view of the on stage action, or to enjoy food and beverages.

Datum: zondag 19 maart 2017

Tijd: 16:00 uur

Plaats: Barbican Centre

Kosten: 37.50 pp in de stalls

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